Edible Views is an organic vegetable garden support business which helps homeowners, chefs and landowners plan, plant and harvest food from their land.

With a palate and appreciation for freshness and texture, Peggy designs gardens that are “living” produce markets. She can advise a chef on the seeds to choose for the sturdiest lettuces, discuss with a homeowner favorite foods as a basis for designing a garden -- savory and visually beautiful.


It is of primary importance to be conscientious caretakers of the land and to grow the most nutritious, healthy and tasty food we can, with as close to zero manipulation of nature as possible.  

The garden you create with Edible Views will use all natural (organic and beyond) products with respect to pest management and soil enhancement. Your garden will be grown from Certified Organic seeds and starts and compost/soil from reliable and as local-as-possible sources. There will be cover crops, and natural amendments and fertilizers to enrich the soil, and keep pest management low-impact and non-toxic.


Peggy O'Brien's interest in growing food began with helping in her mother's vegetable garden growing up. Then, as a NYC/CT weekend warrior – she spent every weekend minute in the garden, learning more about sustainable gardening, and grew & harvested everything possible to bring back to Manhattan and eat organically during the week. After living a long time in the city and having been exposed to the delights of dirt under her fingernails, fresh air and eating what was growing in the garden, Peggy moved full time to Northwest CT. “What motivates me is to share my knowledge with landowners and to help those who want to learn to be stewards of their land. In this time of agribusiness and commercial agriculture, it is more important than ever to understand where our food comes from and how it impacts our overall well being. It has been my experience that a deep satisfaction evolves in the connection to the source of what nourishes us and our families as sentient beings.”

Peggy was a working member of a local biodynamic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and learned more about seeds, their sources and habits. As Peggy's home garden grew, she began turning over her lawn to create more space for edible beds. This led to helping friends with their gardens and then to a job at a private estate, growing vegetables and cut flowers for the property owner and their guests. Next was overseeing and maintaining crop production for a privately owned estate farm and B & B hotel, which included working with the owner, farm manager, business manager and chef, insuring a consistent flow of produce to the kitchen, supervising workers, planning crops, maintaining records and overall coordination. Her background includes: co-founding an estate, moving and sales business; co-founding a business developing licensing opportunities for music; a legal practice in entertainment industry transactions; and an early career in back-office television production and theatre production management – all of which make for well-organized and efficiently managed projects. She has gained recognition in the local surrounding community, wrote an article for Healthy Living Magazine, a column for The Lakeville Journal and was featured in Edible Nutmeg, as an organic grower.

*Use of the term “organic” is now defined and regulated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Serving Litchfield & Westchester Counties and The Hudson Valley.